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Our Partners

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Based out of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, In Place is a student-run podcast through the Center for Rhetoric in Society under the direction of Professors Katrina Powell and Rebecca Hester. The goal of In Place is to have meaningful conversations about the nature of displacement in a world where more and more people, and nonhuman species, are being forced into migration. The podcast will explore why migration occurs and the process through which refugees and displaced individuals become members of their new communities. In Place also hosts a biannual symposium to continue the discussions started on the podcast face-to-face.

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The Center for Rhetoric in Society was formed in 2006 in the Department of English. With a mission to investigate language use through rhetorical and narrative analysis to understand significant social problems, the Center serves as an incubator for individual and collaborative research projects, events, and community outreach programs. We ask how language inspires people to action and how writing changes society and why. We search for answers by studying everything from the communication strategies of national social change movements to everyday rhetorics that often go unnoticed and unexamined. We share our findings at conferences and in publications and through outreach programs and other events

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